Green Methanol: Maersk and Equinor Lead the Way

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Starting, Maersk and Equinor are pioneering the green fuel movement. As a result of their collaboration, they ensure green methanol for Maersk’s new vessel, which will be operational from September 2023 to mid-2024. This fuel, derived from manure biogas, represents innovation and a promising shift towards using existing infrastructure.

Firstly, Alex Grant from Equinor and Rabab Boulos from Maersk emphasize the pivotal role of significant industry players in driving the green shift. Moreover, with over 100 methanol vessels on order worldwide, it’s evident that demand is surging.

This green initiative is setting a precedent for others in the marine sector. As global attention intensifies towards sustainability, such collaborations become commendable and essential. Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, this approach promotes economic growth by harnessing untapped resources like manure. Given the industry’s past reliance on traditional fuels, this move can be seen as a bold leap towards eco-conscious shipping. Consequently, the future looks brighter with industry leaders like Maersk and Equinor at the helm.

Looking ahead, Maersk has its sights set on e-methanol from a Danish plant by 2024. In the long run, their broader aspiration is a net zero greenhouse emission by 2040 and a fleet powered exclusively by green fuels. Thus, with these initiatives in play, the future of a green marine industry is undeniably on the horizon, especially with industry giants steering the ship. (read more…)

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