A Look at Ikea’s Shipping Prowess On The High Seas

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Ikea recently earned a B+ for its efforts to reduce shipping pollution, outperforming 17 other major companies with D or F grades. This evaluation comes from Ship It Zero, an environmental coalition.
Ships, essential for global trade, create substantial environmental problems. They produce as much greenhouse gas as planes, leading to 60,000 premature deaths in coastal areas each year.

Many large ships use harmful heavy fuel oil and add to pollution by idling their engines. Land vehicles at ports add even more emissions.
Ikea has made significant changes, working closely with ports and using biofuels to reduce emissions. While biofuels, made from waste like used cooking oil, are a good start, the search for cleaner fuels continues.

However, a survey of 18 top retailers, including giants like Amazon and Walmart, showed few track their shipping emissions. With the growing call for cleaner shipping, all eyes are on how these big retailers will act.
Ikea’s efforts show a step in the right direction, but the entire industry needs to follow suit for a more sustainable future.

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