About us

Solarius Pte Ltd has been committed to delivering energy solutions and access to food to an ever-increasing population worldwide.

Historically, Solarius has been a company specialized on complex aspects of physical commodity trading and distribution. The experience gained by working in a field that is highly international and driven by constant change allows the team that makes up Solarius to have insight into the underlying drivers of social and economic change.

Solarius is focused on empowerment through investments and advice, to be a catalyst of change. By becoming a knowledge company, Solarius moves from trading goods to doing good. This allows the company to scale the positive impact it has on partners, the wider environment and ultimately our biosphere.

We are living in an age defined by complex, unprecedented challenges. Solarius wants to contribute to a better world by empowering projects that have a positive environmental or social impact. We want to provide mentorship to help partners deal with complexity and nurture trends that make the planet a cleaner and more equitable place.

In light of this, Solarius is actively analysing, investing in or advising on projects in the following areas:

  • Global access to drinking water
  • Energy reducing sensor technology
  • Enzyme based biomaterials
  • Food distribution efficiency technology
  • Renewable biomass pellets
  • Real estate and innovative housing solutions
  • Worldwide logistics and shipping solutions